Middle States Geographer Volume 36, 2003



October 31-November 1, 2003

University at Albany, Albany, NY


How Geography Graduates Report on TThe Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks. Keith G. Hendersonheir Careers: Some Results from Hunter College. Enid Lotstein Ringer

Hub of the World: U.S. Promotional Map Brochures in the Mid-Twentieth Century. Linda Greenow and Jo Margaret Mano

Muslims in Denmark: Discourse of the Veil. Linda S. Fair

Finnish Commercial Fishermen on Lake Superior: The Rise and Fall of an Ethnic Fishery. Mika Roinila

Micro-Credit as a Development Instrument in Ethiopia. Hewan Girma

Recreation Activity Space: University Students in Northeast Pennsylvania. Jason Kucsan and Jerry T. Mitchell

The Geography of Warehousing and Distribution in South-Central Pennsylvania. Paul Marr

Perceptions Towards Urban Inequality in Selected Counties of Northern New Jersey. Pin-Shuo Liu and Monica Nyamwange

“Operation Atlas”: A Case in the Growing Fusion Between National Security and Local Law Enforcement. R. Valeria Treves

International Perspectives on Community Youth Planning: A Research Agenda for Comparing Somerset County, New Jersey and Somerset County, England. Sean M. DiGiovanna and Michael Leyshon

Non-Conforming Urban Realities – The Case of Albany. Vatsal Bhatt

Combining Supervised Classification and Airphoto Interpretation of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Land Use Analysis. Tao Tang

Use of Texture for the Retrieval of Industrial Complexes in a Digital Image Database. Mary F. Perrelli

Mereotopological Integrity Constraints for Spatial Databases. Alexandre Sorokine

Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: Comparing 19th Century Water-Borne Disease to Contemporary Environmental Policy. Lawrence A. McGlinn

The Latest FAD in New York City’s Drinking Water Supply. E. Mark Pires

Characterizing the Land Use/Land Cover Conditions of Two New Jersey Watersheds. John Hasse, Jennifer Misner, and John Reiser

Landscape Influences on White-Tailed Deer Harvest in New Jersey. C.R. Colvard, D. Drake, and R.G. Lathrop

Physiography and Insect Fauna of Scoby Dam Cave: Western New York. S.J. Vermette, W.K. Gail, T.J. Fay

The Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks. Keith G. Henderson

New Theories to Explain Acid Precipitation in Northern New Jersey. Belkys V. Melendez



President: John Pipkin, University at Albany
Vice-President: Keith Henderson, Villanova University
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Deakin, SUNY Fredonia
Regional Councilor: Gregory Pope, Montclair State University
Past President: Gregory Pope, Montclair State University
Past President: Margaret Boorstein, C.W. Post College
Past President: John Bodenman, Bloomsburg University
Middle States Geographer Editors: Kim Irvine and Kelly Frothingham, Buffalo State College

About the cover:  The picture on the cover was taken looking north from the Campus Center across the podium of the University at Albany, designed by Edward Durell Stone in the early 1960s, a monument of “romantic modernist” architecture, bearing a strong family resemblance to his other projects including the Kennedy Center, going quite against the grain of ideas in campus architecture of the period, but providing a surprisingly workable environment for a research university of 17,000 students.

ISSN 1067-2230




James Bensley, Buffalo State College Chris Larson, SUNY Buffalo
Mark Blumler, SUNY Binghamton Jake Lewandowski, West Chester University
John Bodenman, Bloomsburg University Amy Liu, West Chester University
Mary Ann Cunningham, Vassar College Jo Margaret Mano, SUNY New Paltz
Angela Cuthbert, Millersville University James McConnell, SUNY Buffalo
Roman Cybriwsky, Temple University Lawrence A. McGlinn, SUNY New Paltz
Ann Deakin, SUNY Fredonia Donald Mitchell, Syracuse University
Sean DiGiovanna, Rutgers University Karen Morin, Bucknell University
Percy Dougherty, Kutztown University Marianna Pavlovskaya, Hunter College
Ian Droppo, Environment Canada M. Stephen Pendelton, Buffalo State College
Kelly Frothingham, Buffalo State College John Pipkin, SUNY Albany
Kurt Fuellhart, Shippensburg University George Rengert, Temple University
Duane Griffin, Bucknell University Thomas Rumney, SUNY Plattsburgh
Keith Henderson, Villanova University Grant Saff, Hofstra University
Robert Hordon, Rutgers University John Sharp, SUNY New Paltz
Kim Irvine, Buffalo State College  Stephen Vermette, Buffalo State College
Lew Jean King, Buffalo State College Theodore Kury, Buffalo State College
Theodore Kury, Buffalo State College