Middle States Geographer Volume 30, 1997

pastcover_newIndustria, the Fourth World, and the Question of Territory. William T.L. Hipwell.

GIS and Society: Towards a Behavioral GIS. Jay D. Gatrell

An Approach to the Quantification and Classification of Aquatic Landscapes. Laura Kracker.

An Erosional History of Strawberry Island, Niagara River, Tonawanda, New York. Maryellen Sault, Lisa Matthies, John Whitney, and Jill Singer.

A Spatial Analysis of Storm Caused Water Levels in an Urban Estuary, Raritan Bay, New Jersey: Some Preliminary Observations. John F. Dobosiewicz.

Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley: Its Geology and Geography. Colleen Gasiorowski.

Contingent Value Measurement6 of Coastal Wetlands: A Case Study of New Jersey. Harbans Singh.

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Harbor Dredging on the Great Lakes. Raymond W. Waxmonsky.

Great Lakes Shipping-Pricing Behavior of the Modes. Chrisman A. Dager.

Local Entrepreneurs Contributions to the Economic Base: Hardwood Processors in the Northern and Central Appalachian Region. John E. Bodenman, Stephen M. Smith, and Kathlene Myers.

Regional Labor Force Characteristics and Recent Shifts in the Location of Industry. Mark Wiljanen.

A Geographic analysis of Secondary Educational Distance Education Networks in Central New York State. Wayne C. Mellor.

Risk and Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies: Lessons from the Former Soviet Union. James P. Lewandowski

Outcomes of Microcredit Programs: Sustainability, Social Development, Economic Development, and Food Security. Beth Anslinger.

Mapping the County: Burr’s New York State Atlas. Jo Margaret Mano.

The Two-Flat Home in Buffalo, NY: Landscapes of the Industrial Vernacular. Gregory P. Stein.