Middle States Geographer Volume 29, 1996

pastcover_newReapers of Land: Keepers of Culture. Beth Rundstrom.

The Social Correlates to Fear of Violence: A Referendum on Gun Control in Maryland. Robert J. Earickson.

The Relationship between Municipal Bond Ratings and the Quality of Life in American Cities, 1970-1990. John E. Bodenman.

Diversity Profile of New York City, 1990. Brian Shumon.

The “Dotbuster” Attacks: Hate Crime Against Asian Indians in Jersey City, New Jersey. Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Dominica at the Crossroads: Tourism within Diversification in the Eastern Caribbean. James Wiley.

Sources of U.S. Regions’ Manufactures Export Performance. James P. Lewandowski.

Apples and Oranges? A Cross-National Comparison of Privatization in Argentina and Germany. Edward L. Jackiewicz and Jeffrey S. Boggs.

The Post-Fordist Politics of Sustainability on Long Island. Scott Carlin.

Balls, Bikes, Beaches, and Burns: Patterns of Childhood Injury. Dona Schneider.

An Historical Sketch of Industry Along the Buffalo River, New York with a Focus on Chemical Manufacturers. Mary C. Rossi.

Application of the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index in the Cazenovia Creek, NY, Pilot Watershed Management Project. Martin Wills and Kim N. Irvine.

Methodology and Application of a Statistical Approach to the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE): Welland River Case Study. Shannon L. Vickers, Kim N. Irvine, and Ian G. Droppo.

Starting Points for Examining Storm Surge Sedimentation in Urbanized Estuaries. Michael Craghan.

Simulating the Influence of Great Plains Snow Cover on the Thermal Characteristics of a Cold Air Mall. Andrew W. Ellis.

The Use of Satellite Derived Meteorological Data in Water Budget Analyses. Michael J. Brewer and Jay W. Hodny.

Deer Browse in the Interior Forest of Warwick County Park. Jacquelyn Arnold and Joan M. Welch.