Middle States Geographer Volume 27, 1994


Spatial Analysis of Suspended Sediment Concentrations, Buffalo River Watershed, NY. K.M. Monahan, S. Fisher and K.N. Irvine

Change at a Shoreline Submarine Sand Ridge. Michael Craghan

The Association between the Pacific/North American Teleconnection Patterns and Air Masses in the Southeastern United states. H. Ye and D.J. Leathers

The Quantification of Atmospheric Particulate Dry Deposition and Atmospheric Copper to the Buffalo River Area of Concern. D.M. Torok, M.A. Morales, S.J. Vermette and K.N. Irvine

Integrating AVHRR Derived NDVI with Ecological Modeling. Jian Chen

Exotic Invasive Vines in Fairmount Park. (Undergraduate Award Paper) Pamela Brownstein, Colleen Gasiorowski, Robert Lucente, Christopher Myers and Hiromi Seino

Protecting the New Jersey Pine Barrens: From Whom and For Whom? Marla Emery

A Comparison of Wages and Occupation Mix for New York City and Its Commuting Region. (Graduate Award Paper) Phyllis A. Petersen

Reinventing a Regional Economy: The Mid-Hudson Valley and the Downsizing of IBM. Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Globalization and American Manufacturing. E. Willard Miller

Export Performance and Regional Specialization: Trade-Theoretic Tests of the Divergence Principle. James P. Lewandowski

The Impacts of Industrial Paternalism: A Study of the National Cash Register Company. Jay P. Wilkinson

Towards a Common Ground: Free-Traders, Environmentalists and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NFTA). Lisa M. Benton

Dollar Zone Fallout of the EU’s Single Market in Bananas: The Case of Costa Rica. James Wiley

Economic Growth Pole or Mirage. The Case of Eurodisney. Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre

Fortress Philadelphia: The Geography of Video Surveillance in the New CBD. Roman Cybriwsky

Defining Rural and Urban. Trudy Suchan

Choice Set Definition in Shopping Destination Choice Models: Some Sensitivity Analysis Results. Pasquale Pellegrini

Transformation of Middle Class Suburbs in Washington, DC 1950-1990. Stephen Mulherin

Walk-Up Apartments in an Urban Landscape: Brighton, NY 1933-1991. Peter A. Brincka

Chinese Foreign Policy: Sino-Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Relations and the “World Order.” Unryu Suganuma

Post-Secondary Aspirations in Upstate New York, 1944-1994: Time Gender and Educational Attainment. Kelly J. Brown

Native Americans in Film: An Image Created, and Image Remembered. Michelle Calvarese

Territoriality in Indigenous Societies: An Alternative View. David Stea

White Eyes, Black Places: Representation and Racism. Owen Dwyer

Human Action and Land Degradation in Africa. Monica Nyamwange

Rural Female Migrants in Africa. Dai Cui

Spatial Statistical Modeling of Explicit and Implicit Determinants of Regional Fertility Rates: A Case Study of the He-Nan Province, China. H. Michael Feng

Open Space: An Infrastructural Resource for Quality of Life. Scott A. Todd

Terrace Condition and Agricultural Change in the Island of Mediterranean Region. (Graduate Award Paper) Roger Balm

The Environment, Borders and Politics: The Significance of Central Europe’ Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Hydroelectric Project Before and After 1989. Rhodri C. Williams

Disaster: The Unnatural Factor. Kerrie Fanton

Living with the Volcano. Darrell A. Norris