Middle States Geographer Volume 26, 1993


Classification of Upper Level Circulation Patterns in the Polar Region and Their Relationship to Surface Air Temperature. Hengchun Ye, Daniel J. Leathers, and Laurence S. Kalkstein

Laboratory Scale Investigations in Artificial Armoring as a Remediation Measure for Contaminated Riverbed Sediment. Dennis M. Torok, K.N. Irvine, and J.K. Singer

Environmental Siege and Sustainability Lessons from the Maltese Islands. Roger Balm

Preparedness for Redevelopment: An Inventory of Infrastructure in the Mid-Hudson Region. George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

Class and Place in the New World Order: International Labor Solidarity. Rebecca A. Johns

Historic Water and Waterfront Use in the Buffalo, New York, River Watershed. Gregory P. Stein

The Iroquois and New York State: Two Centuries of Broken Treaties and Map Lies. Jo Margaret Mano

Health Care Objectives for Children and Adolescents: Differences in Urban, Suburban and Rural Practices. Dona Schneider

Demographic and Spatial Aspects of the Health Care Delivery System in Malawi. Ezekiel Kalipeni

The Availability of Ambulance Services in Madison County, NY. Peter Klepeis

Thoughts by the Way: Women’s Written Perceptions of the American Frontier Landscape. Kimi Eisele

Sexism in Tokyo’s New Public Art: Preliminary Results from Field Research. Aoi Shimizu

Contemporary Asian Cultural Landscapes: A Comparative Perspective. Darrell A. Norris

Defining Poor Neighborhoods: Research Strategies and Our Understanding of Urban Places. Sue A. Remaley

A Tale of Two Towns: Paoli and Merion, Pennsylvania. Steve S. Aichele

Lower Northwestern Philadelphia: An Historical Retrospective. Kang-Hu Hsu

Tokyo Moves Westward: A Geography of New Landmarks and New Symbols of the City. Roman Cybriwsky

A Tale of Two ‘Little Saigons’: Southeast Asian Economic Development in Chicago and Philadelphia. Mark Pfeifer