Middle States Geographer Volume 25, 1992


A GIS for New Jersey State Plan Growth Scenario Analysis. Garret C. Olin

A Potential Application of GIS to the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project. Rupal Oza

An Application of GIS to Study Migration. Robert N. Martin

Direcitional Expansion in Migration Modelling. Timothy C. Pitts

Computerized School Bus Routing. Douglas Hamlin and Andrea Rutherford

Reconstructions of the Southern Oscillation and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature from Dryness/Wetness in China for the Last 500 Years. Jie Song

Snow Melt, Energy Balance, and Prediction: Mormon Mountain. Bruce L. Gwilliam

Swampland or Dryland: The Effect of Climate Change on the Lake Levels of the Etonia Creek Water Basin, Florida. Robert P. Morris, Jr.

An Evaluation of Pollution Concentrations in Philadelphia Using an Automated Synoptic Approach. Shouquan Cheng, Hengchun Ye, and Laurence S. Kalstein

A Review of Existing Toxics Release Data for Years 1987-1990. Neeti Bathala

Shaky Grounds: Recent Legal Decisions and Wetlands Regulation in New York State. Jo Margaret Mano

The David and Goliath Syndrome: Introducing Big Business into the Small Town. Christine Neibler, Daniel Krist, and Jennifer Passifione

The State, Transitionals, and the Development of the International Tourism in Small Island Nations. Dimitri Ioannides

Changes in the United States Foreign Direct Investment Position Under the Free Trade Agreement in Canada. Valerie L. Hartung

U.S. Commercial Navigation on the Great Lakes: An Overview. Raymond W. Waxmonsky

Factors Affecting the Location and Operation of Hardwood Manufacturers: Northern and Central Appalachian States (Graduate Award Paper). John E. Bodenman

Rural Population Change and Agriculture in New York State 1950-1990. George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

National Park Siting and Human Geography. Margaret Boorstein

Parent-Child Separation in Space: A Socio-Geographic Perspective. Richard H. Weng

The Cultural and Historical Environment of the Recent Chinese Fertility Decline. H. Michael Feng

Poverty’s Influence on Weather-Related Mortality. Karen E. Smoyer

War and Famine in the Horn of Africa: A Human Impact Assessment. Raphael L. Djabatey

Determinants of Infant Mortality in Malawi: A Spatial Perspective. Ezekiel Kalipeni

Rebuilding the Great White Way: Urban Renewal in New York City. Sean Lewis

Anthropogenic Modification of the Physical Environment Associated with Urban Land Use Conversion. Joshua D. Curley and Roy Lougeay

The City in Decline: Rome in Late Antiquity. Kevin Twine