Middle States Geographer Volume 24, 1991


Detecting Potato Fields in the Columbia Basin Using Landsat Multispectral Data. Paul R. Baumann

Synoptic Climatological Categorization and Human Mortality in Shanghai, China. Shouquan Cheng

The Frequency and Intensity of January hourly Precipitation by Synoptic Weather Types in Southern Louisiana. Gregory E. Faiers

Criteria in the Student Decision to Move off Campus: A paired Comparison Test of Group-Specific Preferences. Joseph Grippo, Jeff Rose, Jon Runckel, David Sliwa, and Darrell Norris

The Microeconomic Geography of Sportfishing: great Lakes Tributaries, New York, 1984. Timothy D. McMurtry

Potential Air Quality Consequences of Atmospheric CO2 Induced Global Warming in Philadelphia, PA. Jane Feng Powley and Guanri Tan

The Railroads of Pennsylvania: A Geographic Interpretation. Charles W. Boas

Thinking Ahead: Can the United States Avoid a Shortage of Skilled Workers? Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Restructuring the Waterfront and the Geographical Practice of the International Longshoremen’s Association (Best Graduate Student Paper). Andrew Herod

Reality Adjustment: Local Business Response to Market Realities. Kelly Knight and Jo Margaret Mano

The Optimal Location of Emergency Service Telephones in Central Park. David O’Connor

The Urban Aesthetic in Comparative Perspective. Rolf Sternberg

The Aftermath of the Cold War from Short-term Instability to Long-term Equilibrium. Saul B. Cohen

The Pact Molotov-Ribbentrop and Its Consequences. Demetrius Dvoichenko-Marko

Unscrambling the Muddle East: Crisis Influence on mental Maps of the Gulf Theater. Darrel A. Norris

The Application of GIS to Analysis of Historical Shoreline Changes of New York City. Yuri Gorokhovich

The Distance of Migration: Is It Shortened by Financial Constraints? Mary M Graham

Early Chinese Immigrants and the United States Census. Lawrence A. McGlinn

Understanding Census Geography in the Tiger Data Base: the Case of Puerto Rico. Jonathan Sperling

Women and Ethnicity: Women and Class: Gender issues in the Turn-of-the-Century Shenandoah (Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Paper). Michele R. Aurand

An Investigation into the Hierarchical processing of Spatial Information. Andrew Curtis

Crime and Media Reporting, Rochester, NY, 1988 (Best Undergraduate Student Paper). Sheri Kleinhammer

The Application of Linear Programming to Locating Mental Health Outpatient Facilities. Phyllis A. Petersen

The Hispanic Presence in the US: Application of the Five Themes of Geography to Discussions of Stereotypes in the Foreign Language Classroom. Kurt Barnada

Geography, Pedagogy, and Postage Stamps. Samuel A. Farmerie

Children’s Understanding of the Environment from Navigation and Maps. Elizabeth Rider