Middle States Geographer Volume 23, 1990


 Northern New England and New York Forests: Management Options. Paul B. Frederic

Local Responses to Proposed New Land Use Controls in New York’s Adirondack Park. Robert J. Mason

Planning with Place: Sense of Place in Berlin, New Hampshire. Brooks Preston

Continuing Farm Land Abandonment in the Adirondack Fringe. Joseph W. Brownell

The Creation of a Digital Cartographic Database for Locator Maps. Karen A. Mulcahy

Charcoal Supply Near Lubumbashi, Zaire: Techniques of Production, Transportation and Consumption of Charcoal and their Impact on the Environment. Renaud De Plaen

Spatial Analysis and the Use of Census Data. David W. Wong

Planning and Zoning in Southern New York State: Recent Changes and Implications for Planning and Geographic Information Systems in the 1990s. Jo Margaret Mano

Hypsometric Tints and Tectonic Colors: A New Reading of Classroom Wall Maps. Arthur Krim

The Use of Demographic Analysis in Evaluating Regional Labor Markets: The Case of the Mid-Hudson Region. George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

The Localization of U.S. House Elections and the 1989 Indiana 4th District Special Election. Jonathan I. Leib

Adaptation in Argentina: Effects of Inflation and Democratization. A. L. Rydant

Perceptions of Environment and Land Policies by Urban Fringe Dwellers. James W. Young

Temporal and Spatial Epidemic Diffusion Patterns in Small Regional Settings. James L. Wilson

Marketing Labor in the World Economy: Migration and Development Theory, Filipino Contract Laborers and the State. Johnathan Walker

Using a Geographic Information System to Analyze the Effects of Sea Level Rise. Gary Ostroff and Susan Tucker

Solid Waste Management in Nassau County, New York: A Study of Spatial Conflict and Political Compliance. Margaret F. Boorstein