2013 Geography Bowl

2013 MSDAAG GeoBowl Competition

Round 1

Kutztown Golden Bears (85) beat Buffalo/New Paltz (40)

Round 2

Penn State+ (95) beat Geneseo Fraserites (55)

Round 3

Geneseo Fraserites (70) beat Buffalo/New Paltz (35)

Round 4

Kutztown Golden Bears (75) beat Penn State+ (55)

Final Round-2 top scoring teams

Penn State+ (90) beat Kutztown Golden Bears (45)

Winning Team: Penn State+

GeoBowl 2014 team for Tampa meeting

Top scoring individuals from MSDAAG meet make up the MSDAAG team

  • Ashlee Adams (Penn State)¬† graduate
  • Craig Benson (SUNY Geneseo) undergraduate
  • Jase Bernhardt (Penn State) graduate
  • Ari Kaputkin (SUNY New Paltz) undergraduate
  • Cris Livecchi (Penn State) graduate
  • Sarah Radigan Lander (Kutztown) undergraduate

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Come back to this page in Fall 2014 to learn about signing up your team! Past information: Participate this year in the MSD Geography Bowl at the annual meeting at SUNY Buffalo State! The highest-scoring students will be invited to represent the Division at the World Geography Bowl at the AAG annual meeting (to be held in Tampa, Spring 2014) and will receive partial funding to participate. All Division undergraduate and graduate students are invited to compete this fall. Form a team (5-6 people) or sign up this fall to be placed on a team. Information on playing or setting up a team can be found at here. If you are¬†interested in participating or would like more information, please contact our regional vice president Dr. David Fyfe, York College, at [email protected] The Geography Bowl will take place after dinner on Friday night, October 18th.